I’m starting a water fast right now. No more saying I’m starting tomorrow, or next week, or whatever. I’m starting right now. I just feel so much better when I’m not eating. That emptiness is reassuring for me. The day after I finished my last water fast, I felt bigger than before I started. Two months later, i feel even shittier. I avoid mirrors like the plague. The only thing I can really handle is looking at my face or my hair. It’s time to get back on track. I need to be thinner. I need to feel light when I’m dancing again. 

Day 5

Today has been brutal to say the least. I had my regular weakness so wtfever in terms of that. I came home from school and went out immediately for 2 hours to get job applications. :) Have an interview at hollister on Friday?! Except it’s not that special because I think every one gets it. ANYWAYS, the nausea I’ve had today has been off the charts. I’ve never ever in my life felt so prone to puking in my life. This is so shitty, and it’s making me feel like cutting this fast short :/. 

Does anyone know a way to deal with this nausea? I drink more and more water, but god i’m so tired of it, it makes me feel nauseated by itself. 

Day 3 Doooone!

So I totally forgot that I have immense trouble sleeping when I fast. Last night turned out to be a bitch. I probably slept two hours max? Nothing more. 

I went to the gym today. My leg is really starting to ache on top of the soreness that is already settling in. Tomorrow’s going to be rough. 

Does anyone know how to get the aches to go away? The aches and nausea are really what get to me. They’re what always makes me break my fasts. It’s ridiculous. 

And I finally started drink water. Went two days without it. I’m not surprised since it happened last time. I trust my body though. When I get thirsty, I will drink.